April 20 - 23,








































4 days with Betty Busby


3 days with Carol Ann Waugh (20-22)


1 day with Sue Szajer (23)



Betty Busby

Betty will have examples of her quilts, materials and sources of the materials she uses.  The class is a treasure chest of techniques and experiments. 
She will explore many different materials in the class and provide sample of many to try.  She encourages you to bring any artist materials you might be interested in working with.



Carol Ann Waugh

Tallgrass Prairie


In this class, you will be combining couching, hand embroidery and decorative machine stitching to help you create fabulous textures and colors on batik cotton fabric. This is the class you need to explore and use all those hundreds of “decorative stitches” included in your sewing machine. You will also learn a new way to finish the edges of  your piece with rattail cord and learn the secrets of mounting your art so it will hang on your wall beautifully. You will leave this class with a finished masterpiece!





Sue Szajer


Working with fiber can be spontaneous at times when I am layering different surface design technique on yards of cotton.  It can be spontaneous as I select finished fabrics to be pieced together in a composition.  BUT, if I need a particular color or design on a piece of cotton, I may need to create it using thread or paint.  This class explores the use of line, drawn with thread in various sizes and textures, to convey an image or an abstract design on your quilt. 

Your sewing machine needle is your pencil!